Festive Season is perfect time to get eyelash extensions done

The festive season is fast approaching and it could be the perfect time to work around your eyes and make a style statement by pampering your eyes with a premium eyelash extension.
Novalash by Reign studios is the perfect place to get your eyelashes extensions done by availing our amazing festive time discounts. Eyelash extension is a process of extending your natural lashes by attaching semi-permanent lashes made up of silk or mink , some of the perfect reasons to get your eyelashes extension done this season are:-
1- Kick-start your beauty game
Your favourite superstar actress is already rocking her eyelashes extensions and to perfectly blend into the festive season you need to do the same, at reign studio we would provide you with the best in class eyelashes extension at unbelievable prices.
2- They last longer than you think
With professionals doing your eyelash extensions and with post-extension care you can carry your extensions for about a month, at reign studio we set the standard for professional service excellence by providing you with well trained technicians and best post- extension products and services.
3- Compatible with make-up
You don’t have to compromise your favourite smoky eyes or any of your make-up, Yes, you can carry your makeup with the eyelashes extensions, but liquid-based eye product can damage your extensions still you can get away with small amount of liquid liner. Try to avoid mascara as it can damage your extensions.
4- They really don’t damage your natural eyelashes
If you get extensions done by premium and trusted salon instead of going for cheap alternatives your natural eyelashes are safe, don’t ever try to remove the extensions by your own. Reign studio provides you with best products and professional extension removal to keep your natural extensions healthy.
Bonus- It’s a super luxurious process:
Eyelash extensions can up to hour and a half to get done, at reign studio we treat with the most comfortable bed, soothing music to give you one of the best naps and extensions you could ask for.
It’s a perfect time to get eyelash extensions done with festive season rolling in, get the best deals with our limited period discounts. Look gorgeous wherever you go with novalash eyelash extensions also with our Gel nail extensions.

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