I’ve been wearing fake eyelashes for two years — and I couldn’t be happier

I’ve lived my whole life with one woe less than most women. I like to credit my half Parsi genes to the fact that I’m relatively hair-free. While most of my girlfriends started the dreaded waxing process at the age of 12 or 13, I didn’t need to get anything done till I was almost 18. I even did my eyebrows for the first time at 22. While this special gift from God has been mostly beneficial, I’ve faced one major problem as I was growing up. I have no eyelashes.

Oh, how I love lashes. They’re the first thing I notice on another person—but maybe that’s because I don’t have them myself. While most people are blessed with long, dark and lustrous lashes, mine are tiny and light. I know guys who have better lashes than me! I was jealous all the time, and used to carry a little bag of mascaras—all promising ultimate curl this, super long that—but none of them ever worked.

My love affair with fake lashes
For the first few months, I dabbled with the temporary fake lash situation. Having to add eyelash glue to my must-carry makeup products wasn’t much of a task, but if I ever forgot the glue at home on a night out, I could expect the cat to be out of the bag by 2am, when half my eyelash would be poking out at whoever I was attempting to make adult conversation with. Do you know how embarrassing it is when you’re talking to a cute boy and he goes, “Uh, I think your eyelash is coming off”? As the years rolled by, I had to settle with a life of not being able to get away with things by just batting my eyes—until the day Mohan walked into my life.

Mohan changed my life in a way I could never imagine. I only get to see him once a month, but nothing makes me happier than when he knocks on my door every four to five weeks on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Mohan is my permanent eyelash extension technician, and he’s changed the way I live. I never need to have mascara on now; I never look sleepy or tired, and my eye makeup always looks perfect. As another plus, I find the entire process to be quite relaxing.

Eyelash extensions 101
Most people are scared to put eyelash extensions on, but I swear by them. Allow me to brief you on the basic things you should know about them.

— They last four to five weeks if you take care of them; and if I can take care of them, anyone can.

— The only thing you need to do is not rub crazily at them. I even swim with them on—I love how fabulous I look when I come out of the pool, and don’t ever have to worry about looking like a drenched rat.

— It takes around 90 to 120 minutes to get a full new set, and about an hour to touch up.

— You can touch up after two weeks, or three weeks if you like the full fresh set.

— There are many different lengths, depending on the volume you want to get.

— Your technician usually gives you a little brush to straighten them out once every two-three days.

— While experts say you should take a break every few months, I’ve had them on continuously for two years, and my eyelashes under are just fine.

— You need to avoid water on your face the day you put them on.

I love my eyelash extensions, and I don’t care that they’re fake, or even that it’s evident they are. A lot of people have asked me if my lashes are real, and I have no problem telling them that they aren’t. Anushka Sharma once told me—while at a Vogue India cover shoot—that my eyelashes are the kinds that someone would look at and instantly fall in love with. The resounding blush that came on my cheeks was response enough. I felt so shy; my eyelash dreams have all come true.

If you’re looking to try them yourself, here’s where you can get them from.

In Delhi: NovaLash, contact: Info@novalashindia.in

In Mumbai: Dessange Spa and Salon, contact: 022-23630100

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