Keep up Your Festival vibe with Eyelash Extensions

Reign Studio offers permanent beauty solutions which are in the rage in both Bollywood & Hollywood, with the clientele including Kylie Jenner and Jacqueline Fernandez.

Eyelash Extensions are not just for important events anymore but are a good alternative to try out when attending festivals where you don’t need to wear mascara.

To enjoy a weekend or any outdoor activity, NovaLash India recommends finding the lash look that fits your face and eye shape. If you opt for a subtle lash, prefer a Classic Eyelash Extension. For a dramatic look, seek out American Volume Eyelash Extensions. Don’t just dress to impress, but look best anytime & every time.

Though lash extensions will cut your getting ready routine in half, be warned that there is still some daily maintenance involved.

For longevity, use an eyelash CleanLash this will help remove all oils, dirt, and make-up that can build up daily around the eye area.

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