POPxo CEO Priyanka Gill’s Guide To First-Time Eyelash Extensions

I have small (ish) droopy eyes. If I leave the house without kajal, pretty much everyone assumes I am not well. And I am a makeup novice. Sure, I can apply kajal and imperfect eyeliner with a pencil, but mascara has me totally stumped. I know I can take lessons – and I have. But I am just not that good. Maybe I don’t practice enoulazy. But I have found the perfect solution – eyelash extensions.


It all started in the POPxo office – as things usually do – with one enthusiastic person trying something new. I came in on a Monday morning and saw Ragini who heads Client Servicing sporting a mega pair of lashes. And then the lash obsession spread to her sister and her friends and soon enough NovaLash is a sponsor at #POPxoLoveFest and as a result, half the office is treated to complementary lashes!

Coming back to me – work feels, at times, like a constant battle. It’s one mini-crisis after another mixed in with a few big ones to keep things interesting. As a result, at the end of the day, all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep #StartupLife. Last time I felt like this, I got my hair coloured. But that’s a story for another time. This time, it was eyelash extensions. Here are some things I found out.

1. You have choices to make. The right answer at NovaLash is their American range. I went ‘natural’, so they mixed in different lengths. Take a reference of how you want your lashes to look.

2. It takes a while to put them on. You have to keep your eyes closed for an hour and a half. So, no mindless scrolling on your phone to get to your fav app (POPxo, right?). No watching POPxo videos (did I mention I am obsessed with the Boy series we have going!). I was out of my mind with the waiting. My suggestion: Load up your phone with music or podcasts and pop on some earbuds!

3. They really are weightless. I have to remind myself that they are on.

4. Check them carefully once the procedure is done and get the therapist to fix unevenness or gaps or whatever before you leave. Take photos – eyes open, closed, sideways. Ask a friend to pop in and check. Leave the place fully satisfied!

5. You can not rub your eyes. Or, you have to find different ways to do so. Look at point 3 above – and you can see how this is problematic.

6. You will love the result. I did. The long-term impact is that you will want them all the time. I know I will. I have readily forgotten how my ‘naked’ lashes look! Which brings me to my next point.

7. They are expensive! Nearly Rs 8,000 a pop. This one is a toughie. Some POPxo peeps are taking breaks from constant lashes – getting them done for important periods – their birthday month, fam wedding, summer hols – you get the drift.

8. The general consensus is they don’t make your natural lashes fall. I believe so. But will update this in case they do!

9. They require aftercare – daily ‘brushing’.

10. Your eye makeup looks better, but getting it off is a pain! You have to buy a special cleanser (Rs 2,500!) and gently use the pads to wipe off makeup. Regular cleansers could weaken the glue. This I find annoying. But let’s see how it goes.

11. You can literally just wash your face (and tone, moisturise and apply sunscreen) and leave the house! It is an amazing feeling. My next mission? Get my skin to awesome levels. I am booking appointments with Dr Kiran Lohia at IsyaDerm to try her high-tech facials!

My verdict – try it. But get it done for an ‘important’ time where you have lots going on. I am going to Milan for the Bata Fashion Weekend next week. It’s massive. My next mission is to get packed for three days of multiple outfit changes. After that, I go to London for work and hopefully to see my friends. I am so excited!

Will I get my lashes done again? I am pretty sure I will!!

You can book the service here.


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