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What if the change you’re avoiding is giving you the wings? What if when you are meant to fly beautifully like an evolved butterfly but you aren’t able to come out of your cocoon?

Reign studio is not about making you look monotonously beautiful, but about enhancing what you have. The impeccable beauty you wish to flaunt, the drama you need to add to your life, the effortless glamour you need to break all norms, the go-to look you carry, and wake up with. We make you feel confident by bringing out the best possible version of you. We make you ready to go and conquer the world while looking glamorous in your skin. We make you ever ready and gorgeous to slay all your everyday activities and we do this while pampering you to the utmost.

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    Modify Your Appearance with Reign Studios

    Appearance Magnification Comes Easy, Safe & Luxuriant with Reign Studio, a luxury beauty destination aspiring to provide its clients with an optimum beauty enhancement experience.

    Best Luxury Beauty Studio in India for Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lift, Microblading & Henna Brows

    Be it eyelash extensions, lash lift, microblading or henna brows, Reign Studios offer you the combination of luxurious beauty, comfort, quality, and lasting optimal results. Experience the services yourself and live the difference in the way you look and feel about yourself – amplified beauty and boosted confidence.

    • Eyelash Extensions at Reign Studios –

      Reign Studio performs the best, glamorous, and the most aesthetic eyelash extension in the industry, giving an entire makeover to your look. Go from Bold to Boss Lady with a wink!Lashes are a lifestyle, an addiction, and so much more than a fad. A lash with perfect volume and a wink gets you further than you think!Go mascara-free with those long, shiny, and voluminous Nova Lashes, with zero damage to your originals. A care-free gym and swim is just an appointment away!

    Reign Studio is dedicated towards curating the best experience of quality and service to its fabulous clients.

    Aesthetic Look, Safe Experience & Lasting Results at Reign Studios India
    Another reason why Reign Studio is the best of all beauty studios is the complete convenience it offers, from the sound ambience to comfortable experience, aesthetic look, safe experience, lasting results, and warming staff, the entire journey from the 1st step of the process till the after care, the journey is just fabulous.

    Novalash has a wide range of in procedure lash products (for eyelash extension procedure) and aftercare products. While the Novalash eyelash extension service is available and serviceable in India only at Reign Studios and the Novalash products used to carry out the eyelash extension treatment are just to be used at the Reign Studios, the aftercare products are still available for the clients usage and can be availed/purchased from Reign Studio’s official website or studio itself.

    Here’s a list of Novalash Products that can be bought here at Reign Studio’s website or directly from their nearest Reign Studio to get their hands on:

    Dual-End Eye Shadow Brush – 
    Easy-blend your 24 Hour Cream Eye Shadowwith the Dual End EyeShadow Brush by NOVALASH®. The dual tips of the brush for blending and precision of application around the eye facilitates multi-usage of the item and is a must have go-to item in your makeup kit.
    Novalash Retractable LASHwand –
    Keeps your eyelash extensions looking their best by brushing them each morning and night with NovaLash’s new retractable LASHwand. Novalash Retractable LASHwand  is more hygienic than any other individual brushes,avoiding catching any dirt and debris in makeup bags.
    Mascara – 
    Novalash Mascara is formulated specifically for use with NovaLash Eyelash Extensions. The Novalash Mascara is a water-soluble formula, rich in vitamins A, E and C to condition and nourish your lashes. The clump-free hollow-fiber brush lifts & separates lashes for a perfect application each time. This mascara is the best if the added volume of eyelash extensions don’t suffice you and the added drama and attention is what you need for your eyelashes.These can be best used to coat any extension-free lashes that may appear when a touch-up application is needed.
    LASHLiner With Sharpener
    For the pointed tips for those who desire a thicker, darker lash line, made with NovaLash’s LashLiner  (a micro-slim lining pencil that can reach where no other eyeliner can, in between each lash) even after the extensions are applied. Sharpen the NovaLash’s LashLiner pencil  with NovaLash sharpener to a fine point to deposit rich, black colour between the eyelash hair for the ultimate, sexy lash line that will be sure to turn heads
    CleanLASH®️ By NovaLash (3-in-1 conditioner, cleanser & makeup remover pads)
    cleanLASH by NOVALASH® is designed to not only remove dirt, pollutants and any make-up your clients wear, but will also prolong the life and radiance of their extensions by conditioning and restoring moisture. These cotton pads have been saturated with pomegranate seed extract to detangle and promote healthy lashes and help to reduce flipping and tangling of the lashes, while simultaneously nourishing the eye area.
    24 Hour Cream Shadows (NovaLash 24 Hour Eye Shadows)
    The NovaLash 24 hour eye shadows are a semi-permanent cream formula, designed as “extended-wear” cosmetics, to eliminate the need for any retouching throughout the day. The shadows can be worn for an extended period of time without smudging, creasing, fading or wearing off. NovaLash Cream Shadows and Liners are easy to apply and easy to remove. Once applied and set, the cream feels dry to the touch but continues to go on moisturizing the delicate skin around the eyes. All the shadow colors are based on hues found in artist Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’.
    Reign Studio is India’s 1st and only studio of its kind – presenting award-winning global brands in niche luxury beauty segments and has won the strong esteem of clients and professional operators in the country. All those who experience Reign Studio’s aftercare products and services appreciate the added luxuriant services, ambiance, & comfort and remain enthusiastic about the aesthetic result and evaluate it as exclusive.

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