Brand Story & Goal

What if the change you’re avoiding is giving you the wings? What if when you are meant to fly beautifully like an evolved butterfly but you aren’t able to come out of your cocoon?

Reign Studio is not about making you look monotonously beautiful, but about enhancing what you have. The impeccable beauty you wish to flaunt, the drama you need to add to your life, the effortless glamour you need to break all norms, the go-to look you carry, and wake up with. We make you feel confident by bringing out the best possible version of you. We make you ready to go and conquer the world while looking glamorous in your skin. We make you ever ready and gorgeous to slay all your everyday activities and we do this while pampering you to the utmost.

Reign Studio, a luxury beauty destination  owned by An Platinum Trade & Investment Consultants Pvt. Ltd. with one goal in mind: providing our clients with an optimum beauty enhancement experience. We believe that everyone deserves to feel great about the way they look. We carry top quality eyelash extensions, microblading, and nail extensions; and are dedicated to curating the best experience of quality and service to our fabulous clients.

Reign Studio is India’s 1st and only studio of its kind – presenting award-winning global brands in niche luxury beauty segments and has won the strong esteem of clients and professional operators in the country. All those who experience its services appreciate the added services & comfort and remain enthusiastic about the aesthetic result and evaluate it as exclusive.

NovaLash was founded in 2004 by biologist and cosmetic chemist, Sophy Merszei, as she pioneered the very first distribution and training

Sophy Merszei is an awarding winning biologist and cosmetic chemist. She found NovaLash in 2004, as she pioneered the very first distribution and training network for eyelash extensions outside of Korea.

NovaLash continues to be the leader in the field of eyelash extensions and is committed to providing safe, beautiful, flawless eyelash extensions to enhance any woman’s natural beauty. Armed with considerable research and a commitment to product superiority, NovaLash has developed award-winning adhesives and cosmetics including Platinum Bond Adhesive and LashLiner.

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