Once applied, what is the proper way to care for lashes?

Nightly conditioning is necessary to maximize the life of the extensions. NovaLash’s night time conditioning/ cleansing pads are perfect for cleaning the lashes free of any makeup or debris while moisturizing the lashes to maintain flexibility. Using a lash wand to comb the lashes free of tangles is also recommended. You shouldn’t leave a hair salon without top of the line hair products – same with your lashes!

After Care Steps

  1.  Using NovaLash cleanLASH, wipe off make-up.

  2. Using your daily cleanser or moisturizing soap, wash your face including your eye area.

  3. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

  4. Gently pat clean with a facial sponge.

  5. Using the back of the used cleanLASH pad, moisturize the lashes and eyelids.

  6. CleanLASH pads are saturated in pomegranate seed oil An extra pad is great to moisturize your hands and elbows.

  7. Support the bottom of your lashes with your index finger.

  8. Using a mascara brush, comb the lashes rotating outward.

  9.  (optional) Use glycol-free mascara by NovaLash on your eyelash extensions

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