Most frequent questions and answers

The lashes are applied directly to the natural lash and not on the skin i.e. they are not applied directly on the follicles. The procedure is pain-free and the extensions are feather-light, so they will not pull your natural lashes out. At Reign Studio, We do not clump lashes together, apply them to the skin, or damage your natural lashes with an improper application. Also, all the products being used are FDA & USFDA approved. Thus, the eyelash extension procedure is all safe for your twinkling eyes and natural Eyelashes.

No. There anyway is no need to wear mascara since the extended lashes themselves have a long dense look. But even If you apply it, the longevity of your extensions will be greatly reduced and you will need to come in more often. You can wear mascara on the bottom lashes, however, you must remove all your eye makeup with a water-based cleanser before you go to sleep or your makeup will goop up the base of your extensions and cause your extensions to come off prematurely.

Lash extensions require touch-ups every 4-5 weeks to maintain their fullness. The longevity of your extensions will vary based upon your natural lash growth cycle; if your hair grows fast, then so will your extensions, and fills will be needed more often. If you follow our instructions for caring for your lash extensions, your lashes will remain fuller longer. The average human eye sheds 5-7 natural eyelashes per day, this is 70-90 natural lashes within 2 weeks (half your natural eyelashes), this is why We recommend fills every 4-5 weeks. Fills over 5 weeks is considered a full set. 

An individual with an allergy to adhesives. An individual who has undergone chemotherapy over the last six months or an individual who does not have natural eyelashes may not have Eyelash Extensions applied. Lashes that grow into the eye are not candidates for lash extensions either. If you suffer from an eye infection or a degenerative disease of the eye, We cannot apply lash extensions to your eyes. If you sleep on your face (a stomach sleeper), try sleeping on your side or back. Sleeping on your face could rub lashes off while asleep.

The right kind of look for your eyelashes highly depends on the face cut, eye size and your natural lashes, so giving a consultation over call can never be an option. Also, while visiting the Reign Studio for consultation you’ll be able to experience the lash and product quality in person.

At Reign Studio, We apply lashes to your natural lashes. We do not glue the extensions directly to your skin. For those clients with little natural lashes, We may definitely have something in-store for you. Must visit us once!

No, the procedure does not hurt generally. Removal is done by soaking your acrylic/ gel in a soak-off solution which melts down the product easily in 15-20 mins.

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