As early as 1916 eyelash extensions were worn and are still being worn today. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian all rock fabulous falsies. Even though eyelash extensions are literally a thing of the past, a lot us are not still properly educated about them.

1. They damage your natural eyelashes
At Nova Lash’s we use the best medical- grade adhesive and safest lash application process. The combination of our Platinum Bond® adhesive and technique of applying the individual lash extensions to each natural lash will maintain the health and integrity of your natural lashes. However, be cautious! Your own eyelashes can break off if they are not applied by a certified lash tech.

2. I can’t go swimming with eyelash extensions!
Of course, you can, each individual lash is applied with the Novalash’s Platinum Bond® adhesive or for people with hypersensitive eyes the Sensitive Eyes™ adhesive is used.
All of Novalash’s adhesives are both waterproof and oil proof. So, you even look fabulash while you’re swimming.

3. Will Eyelash extensions make me go blind?
Absolutely false! During lash application, your eyes are closed for the entire process. Certain companies use formaldehyde in their adhesive which can cause blindness, Novalash is the only company in the industry to use formaldehyde-free formula adhesive, but in extreme cases, people can have allergic reactions or irritation in the eye area.

4. Will my natural lashes completely fall out?
No, however, each lash extension is affixed to an individual eyelash, the lash extension will fall out naturally with the natural growth cycle of the lash. We recommend getting a refill every four weeks.

5. All lash technicians are the same…
This is totally false, A good lash technician would tell you the different types of lash options always based on the client’s individual need and apply lash style that will best suit the client’s eye shape, but most important of all, the lash technician would have undergone sufficient training required to be certified as a professional. All of NovaLash’s success has been its commitment to training.

6. Eyelash extensions are one size fits all
Absolutely not, At Novalash, we pride ourselves on our customized extensions, our lash technicians are skilled with our specialized techniques which specifically designed and takes note of what looks good for each individual’s eye shape.

7. Lash application hurts
Oh my god, No way! Correctly applied lash extensions will be glued on to an individual lash, not the eyelid! You’ll hardly feel a thing. Just relax and awake to fabulash falsies!

I hope we’ve cleared up any or all false notions about getting eyelash extensions,
Ending this article on a sweet note, life is short your lashes shouldn’t be

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