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Eye health tips: why lash care is so important

eye health

Long, attractive eyelashes are desired by the majority of women, as well as some males! While eyelash extensions are a quick cure for attractive lashes, they aren’t the best long-term option for your lashes’ health. Every day, we run the risk of destroying our priceless lashes, so here are some tips to help you maintain your overall eyelash health.

You’ve probably wondered why you have a halo of tiny hairs around your eyes, referred to as ‘eyelashes,’ at some point. Are these supposed to keep your eyes warm? Or are they merely cosmetically pleasing little mustaches for the eyes? While it’s a popular assumption that eyelashes are solely for the purpose of beautifying your eyes and giving your face a more dramatic appearance, you might be shocked to learn that these thin hairs serve a variety of crucial tasks, including…

How would lash care help to keep my eyes safe?

Our eyes are shielded by our eyelashes. We have a lightning-fast blink reflex, but we also need lashes to help deflect anything that could cause harm to the eye. Cleaning your lashes and eyes on a regular basis will assist to keep them healthy in the long run. Although washing your lashes is essential for removing daily pollutants and germs that can accumulate during the day. When we clean our eyelashes, we also clean the edge of our eyelids, which protects the hair follicles. Dirt and debris can infect them, causing the meibomian glands to malfunction, resulting in eye disorders such Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) and blepharitis.” You’ll be far less likely to develop these eye diseases if you remove your eye make-up and clean your lashes.

Start adopting these Reign Studio Experts’ suggested tips into your daily life if you want to grow your eyelashes longer or protect the gorgeous lashes you already have:

1. Eat a balanced, healthy diet

As we all know, a better, healthier diet can benefit your entire health and appearance. When it comes to your lashes, things are no different! A balanced diet will aid in the improvement of your lash health. Beans, seafood, and eggs, which are high in good fats and proteins, are all healthful meals that encourage long-term lash health.

2. Massage

Massaging has numerous health advantages. You may have heard that massaging your scalp will help you develop more hair. The same can be said for your lashes. You can stimulate hair growth over time by gently rubbing your eyes and lashes. It’s crucial to be gentle with your lashes and massage them gently.

3. Supplements

Taking a biotin or collagen supplement regularly can help aid in the growth of hair, including eyelashes. Before getting started with a new daily supplement, it is critically advisable to consult with your doctor.

4. Gently apply and remove eye makeup

When applying and removing eye makeup, it is critical that you do it with care and care. You should take care of your lashes as well as your overall eye health. When applying or removing eye makeup, if you aren’t patient with your lashes, you can easily pull them out. It’s also worth noting that if you don’t completely remove your mascara before bed, your lashes might easily break off.

5. Eyelash Enhancer by Latisse

While these tips will improve the health of your lashes over time, some of us may prefer longer and fuller lashes right away. Instead of risking irreversible damage to your eyelashes with extensions, choose Latisse, the first FDA-approved lash enhancement product.

6. Semi-Permanent NovaLash Eyelash Extensions at Reign Studio

Getting Eyelash Extensions at Reign Studio helps to cut on the everyday hassles and efforts of the makeup application over the lashes and eyelids to amp them up and omits the usage of makeup that might have adverse effects on the lash line and natural eyelashes, making them fall off quickly. Reign Studio’s Novalash Eyelash Extensions do not only give you the glorified lash look but also protect your naturals from the makeup causing pre-mature lash fall. They are light & convenient to go with..

Frame your eyes with jaw-dropping lashes thanks to Reign Studios India. For more information on how to grow your eyelashes or to schedule your consultation, visit Reign Studio and book the appointment.

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