Eyelash Extension: a safe way to thick voluminous lashes

eyelash extensions

It can be tricky for the being to know what they want when getting eyelash extensions, and even trickier and difficult to figure out what is happening while getting them done. Before getting the lashes done people usually ask or are being asked about these five top preferences, thickness, type, style, curl, and length. So for them planning to make an eyelash extension appointment made, here is a quick guide by Reign Studios to help you be prepared for your consultation and help understand what your lash technician/artist does to them while your lids are still closed.

Every woman on the land has always wished to wake up every day with long, full eyelashes and not spend time each morning applying mascara and eyeliner. Everybody wants to get rid of those tiring and hassle-full lash sessions and trust me, Reign Studio’s eyelash extensions are definitely the answer to lash’s holy grail wiz. Eyelash extensions are certainly becoming more and more popular for over a decade being a semi-permanent solution, free of everyday hassles, and delivering a go-to lash look to everyone getting the service. Most beauty trends pass with time, but just like the lipstick has survived many decades, long lashes are next in the row and are time-tested, most certainly do not leave anytime soon.

All About Eyelash Extensions

Before diving into the umpteenth benefits of extending your natural eyelashes, here’s what you need to know more about the process itself. The semi-permanent eyelash extensions are glued on the top of your natural lash line, and average hair growth determines the length and the tenure for them to lose with the most magnificent look. That being said, it is recommended to get the eyelash refills done every six to eight weeks to help maintain a natural appearance throughout the hair growth cycle for easy upkeep.

Top Benefits of Eyelash Extensions at Reign Studios

1. Put Together

Eyelash extensions at Reign Studios help the eyelashes to pull out a look of stability and continuity of the lash line and the look at any time of the day throughout the lash cycle, giving the appearance of mascara already on to the wearer. Some people even prefer eyelash extensions as their only form of cosmetic application for it being a more lasting, dramatic, and safe option.

2. Save Time

Cutting off time from the everyday eye makeup and application of falsies is what you get when get eyelash extensions done. Eyelash extensions are bliss saving you tons of time spent in front of a mirror for those wearing mascara and eyeliner daily.

3. Beauty

Eyelash extensions at Reign Studios add volume to the natural lash line, adding drama to the eye look and lift to the face making people look more youthful and attractive. Since we all know societal beauty standards applaud long, thick, lush eyelashes, Reign Studios eyelash extensions only help you can enhance your natural lash beauty semi-permanently without the use of false beauty products or makeup items.

4. Safe, Smarter Option with No Damage

Eyelash Extensions Procedure at Reign Studios is performed by certified, trained professionals in the safest and hygienic surroundings, with the usage of quality products and equipment. The procedure is minimally invasive and doesn’t damage your natural lashes at all during or post-application.

5. Lift

For just the right amount of lift to the added volume of the extended eyelashes, eyelash extensions give the in-built lift to the laser that many people fail to achieve even after curing them up for the longest time, giving them more of an awake and youthful appearance, naturally.

Eyelash Extensions at Reign Studio: Safe way to thick voluminous eyelashes

If you want the benefits of beautiful, long, voluminous, and lifted eyelashes without the everyday hassle of mascara application or getting that right liner wing, or even applying those falsies, eyelashes extensions at Reign Studios may be the perfect solution for you, being safe, aesthetic and hassle-free. To book an appointment or get free consultation visit us today at www.reignstudiosindia.com or directly hop into your nearest Reign Studio for those long, lush, and dramatic lashes for everyone to gaze!

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