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What happens when eyelash extensions, hot summers comes together

eyelash extensions

Summers are hot and humid and are a perfect time to show your summer body, sassy clothes & being a complete fashionista with the nude, coral, or pastel summer makeup with those long, lush eyelashes, and for many preferably eyelash extensions. This season doesn’t only get you an opportunity to get all expose’ but is also the time to be a little more cautious, and care a little more. Be it from the suntan, keeping yourself hydrated & cool from the thrashing summer heat, a good skin care regimen, or keeping yourself from poor lash retention.

Summers are also another name for heat, sweat, humidity, and body oil, and that in the ordinance of your eyelash extensions doesn’t go well. Although Reign Studios’ Novalash Eyelash Extensions are water & sweatproof it is still advised to need to take extra special care of the extended eyelash extensions in order to attain that lasting aesthetic look to go on for a longer timespan. Sweat might loosen the adhesive bonds between the eyelash extensions and the original lash line, causing them to fall out quickly leaving the sparse lash effect or complete eyelash extension retention at a faster pace. In order to maintain the look of their eyelash extensions and their longevity in place, here’s the basic routine as suggested by Reign Studios’ experts to protect your eyelashes from falling out due to sweat and humid weather.

 Summer must-haves for eyelash extensions as suggested by Lash Experts at Reign Studios:

Eyelash cleanser – Clean your eyelashes and extensions timely to remove the sweat layer deposited over them. It also helps remove oil, dirt, makeup, etc. thoroughly keeping your lashes hygienic and clean. Use Reign Studios’ CleanLASH by Novalash for prolonged life and radiance of your eyelash extensions by conditioning and restoring their moisture the right way.

Eyelash sealant- Try using an eyelash sealant from any good brand just in case you feel the need for extra protection to protect your lash bond from humidity, makeup, and oils, etc. before going into the pool (protection from chlorinated pool water) or working out (protection from sweat).

If you’re a regular eyelash extension wearer these 2 should be your go-to summer products without any negotiations for the lasting optimal eyelash extensions look. Additionally, for your eyelash extensions to last longer than a week in the summer heat one also needs to brush their lashes frequently and avoid spraying tan on and near the lash area. Regular lash infills at Reign Studio(preferably) or any studio of your choice are also needed to keep the look intact and maintain good lash health & hygienic.

Novalash Eyelash Extensions at Reign Studios for Fabulashes All Year Round!

So for you to keep going this summer and beyond, we at Reign Studios hope these tips and info for the flawless fab lashes keep you going.

Get your summer lashes done with Reign Studios’ Novalash eyelash extensions and flaunt the perfect, glamorous body & lash look.

Book your appointment with your nearest Reign Studio today by calling at  011 40747427 or book online at for flawless eyelash extensions all year round!

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