How To Take Before & After lash extensions Service Photos Like A Pro

A picture may convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. We know a lot of lash artists who want to build their social accounts focus on the number of times they publish on their sites, but they often overlook the importance of the quality of the photographs they post.

Because lash artists are typically swamped with appointments, we understand that you may want to improve your social presence but simply don’t have the time. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of basic principles that will teach you how to take images like an expert, ensuring that when you do upload, it’s of high quality!

Bring attention to your efforts.
Good lighting frequently goes hand in hand with the perfect lash shot. When you’re working as a lash artist, you should have a Glamcor or a ring light shining over your clients’ lashes, so use it for photos as well. Your photographs will be bright and clear if you use as much natural light as possible and combine it with a bright light like a Glamcor. Many lash artists create stunning lashes, but they frequently publish dark, fuzzy photographs that don’t do the lashes credit – and this is usually due to inadequate lighting!
We propose taking shots of the same eye in various lighting situations, such as natural light, ring lights/glamcors, a combination of both, or none at all. When you compare the photographs, you’ll be able to realize how much better lighting can make your photos.

Images from before and after
Always taking before and after photos is a rule we live by. How many times have you made a stunning set of lashes and thought to yourself, “Wow, that’s such a difference – why didn’t I take a picture before I started lashing?!?” Even if you don’t plan on sharing the before photos, the transformation may catch you off guard, so it’s better to be cautious than sorry. Before and after photos are particularly beneficial for treatments like GDL because they help to demonstrate the changes to your clients.

Get those perspectives/angles.
Anyone who has tried to capture a decent photo before a night out knows that it’s all about the angles – and lash photography is no exception. We have a few ground rules that we want to follow:

Take a close look. While a shot of both eyes is important, an up-close image of one eye allows you can see all of the individual lashes and fans you’ve applied. Other lash artists and clients enjoy getting a close look at the lashes, and it demonstrates your precision and skill. Close-up photographs garner a lot more attention on social media, so don’t be afraid to ask your customer if you can come in close to grab some angles.Maintain visibility of the waterline. This is critical in any photographs taken with the eye open, as it demonstrates to other lash artists and clients that you adhere to the safety distance and is yet another demonstration of your precision and expertise. To get these angles, you’ll almost always have to shoot the shot looking up at the lashes – but make sure you’re close enough to the lashes so you don’t mistakenly take a picture looking up your client’s nose (it happens all the time!)
Experiment with different perspectives. A close-up of a closed eye from an aerial view gazing at all those perfectly placed fans can sometimes reveal just how flawless your positioning is – therefore don’t be afraid to try something new.

Make yourself the center of attention.Backgrounds are essential for a great photo! Make sure you have a plain or on-brand background if you’re capturing a shot of both eyes from a distance. If your salon’s emblem is purple and black, for example, a purple and black design in the background would be appropriate, but not another client getting their lashes done or your salon’s kitchen.

Many lash artists overlook the fact that there is still background in a close-up photo – your client’s face. To create a completely blank canvas around the eyes, remove all under-eye pads, micropore tape, and any loose lashes that may have fallen on the face.

We all know that not every photo you snap will be flawless, which is why editing apps come in handy. There are a plethora of free editing tools available that can remedy any flaws you may not have seen when capturing the photos. These programs can be used to smooth out stray eyebrow hairs, lightly airbrush the skin around the eyes, or brighten the white of the eye where it may have been somewhat pink from adhesive fumes, among other things. We always follow two principles when it comes to editing: never over-alter any photos, and never change the lashes themselves. 
These are crucial because editing apps should only be used to correct minor flaws in your work, not to radically change it.

People frequently use these programs to add watermarks to their work, which is entirely understandable and an efficient method to brand your images. Making your watermarks modest and not covering any portion of the lashes or eye, as well as placing them in the corner, will ensure that they do not become a distraction to your job.

We hope that these photography ideas and hacks suggested by Reign Studio experts are beneficial to any lash artist trying to improve their social media presence. We understand how busy lash artists are, so by following these guidelines, you won’t have to spend as much time documenting each customer as you would otherwise.

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