Should you do Eyelash Extensions on yourself?

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You might be considering buying a lash extension kit so that you can do your own eyelash extensions at home. Doesn’t appear to be too horrible, does it? We, on the other hand, hold a different viewpoint.

Trained lash artists attach individual lash extensions to individual natural lashes at the salon (which we know seems like a distant past). This is a LOT harder than you might imagine, and it’s not something you should do at home from a safe point of view.

How to apply for Eyelash Extensions on your own?

Although we do not recommend putting your own eyelash extensions, there are several safe options, such as strip lashes. Individual lash extensions should only be applied by a professional lash artist.

Lash artists are trained, evaluated, and insured for a reason; understanding how to apply for lash extensions effectively and safely is a skill. Most people would call a professional instead of attempting to conduct their own home electrical work. Treatments for beauty requiring such precision, safety, and aesthetic look should be no different.

Why applying Lash Extensions on yourself is Safe or a bad idea?

Doing your own individual eyelash extensions comes with risks unless you’re a qualified professional. All eye-related therapy decisions should be based on vision. According to Lash Experts at Reign Studio, “the eye and surrounding skin area are one of the most sensitive portions of the face.”

1. Eyelash extension glue can be dangerous – You should never apply lash extension glue on open eyes because of its ingredients that may be hazardous to you. While getting the procedure done, your eyes are closed and the glue fumes don’t enter your eyes, and also the technique step requires precision and must avoid getting in touch with the surrounding areas causing itch, burn, or sensation.

2. You don’t know which product is right for you – Nobody ever wants to end up with an adverse allergic reaction that will cause you puffy, irritated eyes or loss of natural lashes, which might be the resultant outcome of lack of knowledge of products- lashes, glue and other required stuff that you use during the procedure.

3. The danger of gluing lashes together – However, it is not only the adhesives’ chemicals that endanger your eyes; it is also the glue itself.

Application of one extension lashes on one natural lash or several extensions on one natural lash is referred to as a lash extension. Whether you’re using one or several extensions, the rule of thumb is that you should only use them on ONE natural lash at a time. That’s why your lash artists go through extensive training to learn how to isolate one lash from the rest.

It’s nearly tough to apply lash extensions to your own lashes while staring in the mirror for correct isolation. You’ll most certainly glue several natural lashes together, which is a pain to deal with and especially when they grow, which might be a different growth speed of 2 lashes.

4. Sharp tweezers – Are you prepared to use sharp tweezers in the region of your eyes? Are you prepared to endure any fatal consequences? You only have one pair of eyes per lifetime.

5. A doubtful result – A Lash artist’s prior work, reviews, and reputation before getting your lashes done are always checked before getting the treatment procedure since everybody wants a skilled technician that is concerned about safety as well as a beautiful end result. Certified lash artists have invested abundant funds and hundreds of hours in their education and practice in the lash profession. Are you sure you’re ready to face the consequences of your own lashing job, especially if you’ve never done it before?

Even if you’re a lash artist who wants to try out lash extensions on yourself at home, you’ll quickly discover that it’s nothing like lashing on your clients. Your eye-hand coordination is severely impaired, and you will produce a horrible set while jeopardizing your health and safety.

Best Alternative and Suggested Take:

Although it is always the best idea to nourish and grow your natural lashes, that being effort involving, the time-consuming and lengthy process is not the most opted road. If you want to see instant changes or a more dramatic look, Reign Studio offers highly safe, comfortable, natural-looking, light, and highly customizable semi-permanent Novalash eyelash extensions.

Book your appointment today at or visit your nearby Reign Studio (having studios at location: Delhi, Mumbai) for the safest, and most amazing lash look you’ve always desired, and never do it yourself..!

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