Reasons Why Eyelash Extensions Refill Is A Must

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Who doesn’t want beautiful, long, and lush eyelashes every day, and wanting to have an amazing set at all times is one of the biggest reasons to get the extended faux eyelashes refilled on a regular basis?

How often do I need to book in for a refill?

This is probably the most common question a lash stylist receives from a client.  An eyelash extension refill has to be done regularly to maintain a nice appearance and health of your natural lashes.

Aside from keeping your beloved lash extensions maintained, fluffed, and full at all times, there are other reasons to keep those refill appointments scheduled every two weeks!


  1. Clean & tidy up eyelash extensions still on your eyes –  Leftovers of your makeup, such as the eyeliner, eye shadow, glitters, mascara stay or sometimes stuck on them and causes retention of lash extensions as well as natural lashes, if not cleaned properly. Even the crusty bits and dead skin cells are found somewhere there. The dirtier you keep your lashes, the bigger are the chances of the client (who gets eyelash extensions done) to catch infection! At Reign Studio, the lash stylist devotes a lot of time cleaning your lashes thoroughly and applying the fillers in between wherever the natural lashes or the extensions have fall form to keep up with the look or give an entirely new look.
  2. Remove the lashes that are ready to fall out due to the natural growth cycle –  We all experience growth cycles, be it of the head or the lashes. A complete lash cycle can last anywhere from 21-90 days. With eyelash extensions on, you could expect your full set to last for the next infill session to be up to 4-5 weeks, and up to a maximum of 6-8 weeks in some rare cases.
  3. Remove any weak bonding lashes – If it’s been some time – may be up by 3-4 weeks since the extensions were applied, the adhesive would have weakened its strength to uphold, which is quite normal. So consider it as a lash check-up.
  4. Fix any obvious distortion or damage or cavities between lashes & lash extensions –  It is recommended to have refills applied within three weeks of your full set and only one refill between sets to check for the cavities or distortion between lashes or extensions for best lasting results. 
  5. To prep up and protect the lashes from Lash Shedding Season  – Seasons do play a role in eyelash extension retention. We do have regular spring and autumn lash shedding seasons. During these periods you will need to schedule your lash infills more often. Read more ‘Autumn lash shed’  


If it’s time for your eyelash extensions’ infills or if you are planning to embark on life with lash extensions for the first time, Reign Studio is for you to schedule your first lash extensions or refill appointments. Find a Reign Studio near you and hop in straight or conveniently book online at Reign Studios and live the lush lash life that you always desired.

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