How To Choose Right LASHES For Your EYE


We’ve all heard about the power of lashes: volumized, longer lashes not only enhance your eyes but also glam up your entire face. It might be difficult to pick between long sparse lashes, natural wispy lashes, and bold dramatic lashes when there are so many options! But did you know that the form of your eyes has a role in picking the proper set of lashes? Learn what experts at Reign Studios suggest on how to choose the best lashes for your eye shape and enhance your lash game!

Individual lashes:

For a less dramatic effect, opt for individual lashes. Individual lashes, unlike strip lashes, are packaged in small portions with only 30-60 hair strands. Instead of going for a more dramatic look, use these lashes to fill in and touch up your natural lash line as needed.

Strip Lashes:

For a more dramatic effect, choose strip lashes. Strip lashes are applied over your natural lashes to give your lash line a lift. Instead of discrete clumps, these lashes appear as circular, curved strips of lashes, as the name implies.

Strip lashes come in a variety of band colors, which is where the real lashes are affixed. If you want your lashes to appear natural, go with a nude or transparent band, or go with a black band for a more dynamic effect.

Almond Eyes:

If you have almond eyes, go for full lashes. Almond eyes look great with a variety of lash types. Make the most of this versatility by wearing thick, lush lashes that are equally spaced across your eyelid.

If you don’t like full lashes, try experimenting with alternative styles. With almond eyes, winged, fluttery lashes also look wonderful.


Multi-layered lashes go well with monolids. Natural monolid lashes aren’t curled or curved by nature. With this in mind, opt for fluttery lashes with various layers to draw attention to your eyes.

Round Eyes:

If you have round eyes, curling lashes are a good choice. Finding lashes that highlight the natural curve of your eye should be your main priority. Look for lashes with the word “curly” on the packaging; these will look great with your eyes. As a general rule, avoid lashes with a lot of volumes, as they tend to flatten and reduce your eyes.

Close-set or Upturned:

If you have upturned or close-set eyes, choose cat-eye lashes. Cat-eye lashes draw attention to your eyes’ outer corners. The term “cat-eye” refers to false lashes that are thicker and more prominent on the edges and significantly thinner in the middle. With lashes that curve out toward the outer corners, both close-set and raised eyes look wonderful.

If you have a close-set eye, avoid lashes that are very lengthy in the middle, as they aren’t particularly attractive for your eye shape and can actually make your eyes appear smaller.


Winged lashes should be used to complement downturned eyes. Lift your outer corners to create a cat-eye effect. This may be done using crisscrossed, winged lashes, which will help you accomplish this look.

To create a lifting look, apply individual lashes instead of strip lashes at your outer corners.

Protruding Eyes:

To enhance projecting eyes, choose feathery lashes. Allowing your lashes to take away from your natural eye shape is not a good idea. Instead, opt for a set of dramatic, feathery lashes that draw attention to your beautiful features without overpowering them.

Curly lashes are another excellent choice for this eye shape.

Deep-set Eyes:

Long lashes will draw attention to your deep-set eyes. Make an effort to strike a balance between your eyes and your brow bone. Your natural lashes are often swallowed by your brow bone. To combat this, choose a pair of long, dramatic lashes that really stand out.

Longer lashes in the middle are especially appealing on deep-set eyes.

Hooded Eyes:

If you have hooded eyes, go for long, fluttery lashes. Choose lashes that will make your eyes appear larger rather than smaller. Look for lashes that are extra long in the center of your lash line, just over your pupil, to make your eyes appear more open.

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