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Everything you want to know about Eyelash Extensions

Dear looking, for lashes,

I’m writing about my experience with my lovely lash extensions and how they’ve changed my life in the bestest way possible, I was like you once on the fence about getting lash extensions, I always thought they looked super fake, but after getting a set of my own, I finally understood why they’re so addictive.
Hopefully after reading this you’ll be able to make a decision about whether you’ll be able to accept them into your friend group

My Eyelash extensions are always there for me right from when I wake up to when I go to bed. My Mascara constantly disappointed me with the endless flaking and constant reapplying, but my lashes stayed for 4 to 6 weeks. Not once did they embarrass me, they never come off in clump not even while swimming pool surprisingly!

My Eyelash extensions never deceived me with harsh chemicals or even with hard names to pronounce they were very straight forward about who they were and why they were made.
They were made to help make cancer patients feel beautiful about themselves.

3. Supportive of me, even in bad times.
Unlike Mascara, eyelash extensions never ran down my face of makeup that I spent hours on. Novalash’s eyelash extensions made me look flawless even on my worst days, by lifting tiredness and adding brightness to my face

4. Helpful
Getting eyelash extensions cut my makeup routine in half, no more worries about being late over messed up clumpy mascara or smudged eyeliner, they made my life easier and breezier!

5. made me feel better about myself
Eyelashes extensions were not only adding an extra elevation to my look, but also my confidence. ‘they simply make you feel prettier’. I feel that They have such a powerful impact on a person’s appearance. Whenever I’m taking a cute selfie they make me feel like a glamourous

6. Keep secrets
Eyelash extensions are definitely the best secret keepers, when people compliment me on your beautiful eyelash they often think it’s natural, but really only me and my lash extensions know the ‘real deal’.

I hope you understand now why, I love my lashes so dearly now

P.S. great lashes don’t happen by accident… they happen by appointment.

Fabulash falsies

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