Most Popular Lashes In 2021

We get that there’s nowhere to go these days, and putting cosmetics with a mask may seem futile, but hear us out: False eyelashes are a quick and easy way to enhance your eyes and make you look put together (even if you don’t).

Falsies or eyelash extensions are the ultimate ticket to taking your look to the next level, whether you want your lashes to be wispy, fluffy, or so long and luscious they almost touch your brows. Forget about smearing, flaking, or fallout that comes with some mascaras; fake lashes remain put and look great until it’s time to take them off.

No offense to mascara, but even the most adored of our tubes has its limits. It’s time to bring in the major guns if you really want to raise your lash game. Professional lash extensions, if performed correctly, will offer you the most natural impression, according to a Reign Studio specialist. Assumptions on them being pricey, time-consuming, and being harmful to your natural lashes, in the long run, is a mere myth. Enter fake lashes, which are available in a dizzying array of styles and lengths these days on the other hand are time-consuming & if not applied properly in the hassle may ruin your complete look. While such is not the case with permanent eyelashes done by reign Studios. You can wear the falsies on special occasions but on an everyday basis can be time and energy-consuming, and the aesthetic look is not assured. When it comes to the outcome, you have a choice as well. Consider individual or bundles, which you can apply strategically if you want a more subtle, natural, ‘your lashes but better’ look.

There are many falsies doing just fab in the market these days, but our personal fav and highly recommended, but obviously is Novalsh Eyelash Extensions at The Reign Studios.


On a similar point, I enjoyed not having to wear makeup every day. Because my natural lashes aren’t particularly noticeable, I generally feel a little naked without makeup – but with these, I pretty much only put eyeliner on for my wedding and that’s it. All I needed was a little concealer and blush to look put-together!


Fake eyelashes are normally something I despise. I can feel the lashes and the adhesive, and they irritate my contacts, so I can’t wait to get rid of them. But these were so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing them!


These are perfect for brides because I couldn’t feel them. Now I absolutely get the excitement. On their wedding day, who wants to be concerned about their fake eyelashes? Certainly not me!


This is fantastic for brides! Before the wedding, get used to how they look at you. Refill them and wear them starting on your wedding day. We’ll definitely be getting these for our honeymoon as well!

So, the best & most popular lash title for the year 2021 and ever goes to Novalash Eyelash Extensions at Reign Studios. Visit to schedule your first or future eyelash extension appointment with us, or simply walk in and get FABU-Lash!!!

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