Be wake up ready with NovaLash Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever thought or wanted to wake up with long, fluttery, glamorous lashes and not doing much ado to achieve those all so glam eyelashes? It’s a fairy tale dream every woman has dreamt of at least once in their lifetime, and can also turn into reality with Reign Studios Novalash Eyelash Extensions.

Novalash Eyelash Extensions To Wake Up Ready & On The Go:

Eyelash extensions can make one’s life all smooth and hassle-free and cut on a woman’s daily mirror hours by delivering the most glamorous lash look to accentuate everyday life. Bold, classic, extra voluminous, chic, whatever look you wish to carry, you can possess the desired length and volume as per your liking that also goes best with your face look. One can bid adieu to sacrifice their precious sleep or get some extra time for other things by saving that time from the everyday eye and lash makeup.  

At Reign Studio, one can choose between a variety of lashes for instance classic, mink, London volume, American volume, etc based on their look, length, and density, based on any upcoming event to attend or daily life in general, to enhance the most prominent features of their face – eye.

Eyelash extensions can last up to 6 weeks and only requires in-fills or touch-ups to persevere the fullness of the extended lashes and also their length. Getting Novalash eyelash extensions at Reign Studios give you the ever readiness to go in and out anytime you want without giving in to long makeup hours and one can even get rid of the cruel-harsh makeup or falsies applied to their natural lashes for the enhanced eye look, adding up to the density and life cycle of the natural lashes.

Novalash Eyelash extensions not only give you the ever readiness to your instant plans, daily outings, office meetings, or surprise visits/meets, but are also an add-on of bling to your OOTD and would definitely sizzle your selfies with the most natural-looking stunning eyes without any filter. Novalash eyelash extensions being semi-permanent in nature are truly a bliss to womanhood ready to conquer the world and those always on toes to work errands. 

Novalash Eyelash Extension Procedure at Reign Studio is performed by certified professionals under the guidance of the pro experts, delivering the safest and aesthetic experience to give you a complete look upgrade based on the client’s face shape and requirement.

Novalash Eyelash Extensions Exclusively Available Only At Reign Studio:

So Fret no more ladies, because Novalash Eyelash Extensions have you all covered up Prep up yourself to make your life easier and eyes beautifully enhanced, and wake up ready with Novalash eyelash extensions. Book your appointment from the convenience of your phone/laptop screen at or visit your nearest Reign Studio today, having branches in Delhi, Mumbai

Add glamour to your eyes and save morning prep time with Novalash eyelash extensions for full, thick, and lengthy lashes to spruce up your eyes and lives…

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