You cant swim with Eyelash extensions is it a myth or reality

eyelash extensions waterproof

We have often heard the talks of people getting uncertain of their decision of getting eyelash extensions because of them not being waterproof or sweat-proof. Well, here’s a piece for you’ll from the experts of Reign Studios busting the myth that you can’t swim and sweat with your eyelash extensions on, and enjoy a good, long, deep swim in the hot summer without any worries.

Eyelash extensions are everybody’s fav!!

And you would be lying if you yourself haven’t been enticed by its added beauty, fuller, and glamorous look giving many a complete makeover. Eyelash extensions give us the voluminous, lengthy, and fuller lash look that we have always dreamt of or fantasized about the celebrities having. Also, with them on (of course semi-[permanently) you can ditch your entire eye makeup routine. The trend initially came into the boom with the Kar-Jenners and did not leave Bollywood untouched, and has now become the talks of almost every fashion enthusiast. They’re perfect for anyone and almost everyone all year round, and especially in the summers. One can go bare skin, and no full face of makeup with eyelash extensions done and just a slight touch of lip shade. This would be the least of the maximum you can go with, skipping the long hours of putting eye makeup or the fully-loaded makeup on the face, and letting the skin breathe.

But not to forget, to keep the eyelash extensions on point for a long time and slay the most perfect and fluttery look, you do have to take care of them. It’s recommended to avoid wearing waterproof eyeliner or applying mascara on top of them, there won’t be any need only post the procedure anyway. Also, one needs to skip certain activities shortly after getting extensions for a minimum of 2 to 7days. Considering its summer, you may be wondering whether swimming falls on that list. We asked a lash expert at Reign Studio to find out. 

Can We Swim With Eyelash Extensions?

As per the lash experts at Reign Studios, one can absolutely go swimming with eyelash extensions done. All one needs to do is cleanse the lashes immediately after the swim since the pool water (most of the time) has both salt and chlorine which might affect the retention of extended lashes, breaking the extension bonds that cause it to detach from your natural lash prematurely. It is recommended to use the cleanser advised by your Reign Studio lash artist, specifically CleanLash by Novalash, and brushing them up with a spoolie or a clean mascara wand, and gently applying pressure to the top of your extensions while keeping your eyes closed with a lint-free cloth.

How Long Should One Wait to Swim After Getting Eyelash Extensions?

The only time you should be aware of not exposing your eyelash extensions to water is the first 48 hours post getting the eyelash extensions done – Minimize the chance of wetting them the maximum you can. After the said tenure, the adhesive applied dries up and allows you to securely wet up to your extended lashes. Just be sure that you have steered clear of goggles or other equipment that might put your lashes at risk. 

Now, that we know that we can freely swim, dive and play in the water with eyelash extensions on without worrying, we surely know you know which place to go for your 1st or next eyelash extension session for the most amazing aesthetic look, and safest procedure treatment, with quality products and certified professionals – Reign Studios. Book your appointment today at or directly visit your nearest studio having its branches in Delhi, Noida, Chandigarh, and Mumbai, for the most glamorous, fuller extended eyelash look.

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