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6 Things Nobody Ever Told You About Eyelash Extensions

Reign Eyelashextension

Lash extensions are beautiful, and life-changing. They’re everywhere, it seems like everyone that’s anyone has them. A person’s eyes are the windows to its soul, absolutely — but have you ever wondered what is actually going on within them? Turns out, a whole lot! From wee to shower, here are 6 things you really should be known before getting eyelash extensions, and maybe nobody ever told you yet!

1) Visit the restroom before your appointment. (And let the wee flush off right before.) Seriously, it does sound weird, but if you get a full set of lashes, the appointment will take two to three hours and nature may call you in between. 2-3 hours is a long time to hold it, and it’s not exactly easy to get up and hobble to the lady’s room with your eyes closed and all covered with pads and glue.

2) Don’t schedule your appointment the day before a beach vacation—or a big date. You can’t wet the lash extensions for a minimum of 24 hours. That means no hot tubs, jacuzzis, swimming, showering, or steam rooms.

3) Cancel facial appointments. Unless you really trust your beautician or aesthetician to steer clear of your eyes, and the lashes, beware. Better safe than sorry since excessive pulling or tugging (not to mention all that rinsing) while the facial session will only shorten the life of your lashes.

4) Stock up on facial cleansing wipes. Turns out it’s really hard to wash your face with a face wash or a traditional cleanser without getting your eyes wet. (Doubly hard if you also happen to have your hair styled and trying to preserve, as people often realize later…!) A stash of makeup removing pads or wipes will make your life a *lot *easier.

5) Showering is difficult. REALLY difficult.
Try protecting your eyelash extensions from the splash of water, you’re not supposed to get your lash extensions wet. At all. Getting your extended lashes wet will not only expedite or unnaturally cause their retention or make them fall out faster but also feels so weird. The second water hits them, they tend to get heavy and make you feel uncomfortable.

Plus, they take forever to dry. Have you ever tried blow-drying your eyelashes? It’s crazy. Just Try Not To Get Them Wet At Any Cost!!!!!

6) If you’re over them before they fall out on their own, you need to have them professionally removed.

DO NOT pull out the extensions, no matter how annoying they are! This will definitely pull out your natural lash along with the falsies (which obviously will hurt) and might even permanently prevent your lashes from growing back!

Reign Eyelashextension

Reign Studio, the right destination for your next or maybe first and forever eyelash extension appointment.

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