Do a carefree workout with novalash eyelash extensions

eyelash extensions during workout

Eyelash extensions have only made the lives of us women easier.

Skipping the everyday eye makeup ritual and saving us hours in front of the mirror for that even wing liner or properly mascara curls, eyelash extension is a more time-saving and semi-permanent option, delivering us spontaneity and ever readiness.

We know everyone loves keeping their eyelash extensions long and their standards high without much upkeep and ease of everyday actions including swimming, workout, and every day’s hustle-bustle. Reign Studio’s Novalash eyelash extensions are just what you need in your life with a right tick against the checklist of your ideal eyelash requisites with only minimal adjustments.

Exercising today is an important part of our lives, in order to be fit and live a healthy living, and is surely unskippable. With Reign Studio’s Novalash Eyelash extensions you can swim, run, lift weights, dance, and do whatever you like without fretting about the damage the sweat and water can do to your lashes.

Here is what experts at Reign Studios recommend for working out with any and our favourite Novalash eyelash extensions. Well, we start with:

The 24 Hours Rule: Those who are planning to get an eyelash extension done or have just got themselves one, must be recommended to not wet their eyelash extensions for the first 24 hours, which also includes not working out as it leads to sweating and wetting the lashes, having the same effect as that of water. But, after the 24hours time span, you are completely good to go and work out with your Novalash eyelash extensions, as quoted by Reign Studio lash expert. They take 24 hours to settle and dry the glue to adhere to and avoid the risk of pre-mature shedding for a lasting optimal result.

But just to be sure of its lasting aesthetic look, we at Reign Studios recommend you to cleanse the lashes really well after working out in order to remove any sweat from the extended lashes to keep the bonds intact.

One doesn’t have to go overboard to maintain their luscious, long, and voluminous novalash eyelash extensions, just the basic cleanse every day and after the swim or workout and you’re all in for the lasting, long lash game!

Now get the sweat glow and sparkle those fluttery twinkies of eyelash extensions flawlessly while working and sweating it out in the gym with Reign Studio’s NovaLash eyelash extensions.

You can book an appointment for a free consultation or directly book your slot for the eyelash extension session from the convenience of your home at www.reignstudiosindia.com or by visiting your nearest Reign Studio (having branches in Delhi & Mumbai)  and go glam and fabulous effortlessly every day!

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