Microblading Eyebrows: A safe trend followed by women


Thin is the word and trend of the past when it comes to brows. However, factors like over-tweezing, poor brow aesthetic of the technician, hypothyroidism, simply genetics, or substandard makeup quality can result in barely-there brows that just won’t grow.

Microblading Eyebrows, a semi-permanent tattooing technique that involves tiny, fine-point needles making scratching and depositing pigment simultaneously under the top layer of the skin to mimic hair-like strokes giving a realistic fuller brow look. Reign Studio brow technicians are trained professional who uses a special pen to create the appearance of individual hair depositing the pigment on the area to be treated and have this popular solution to the thin brow problem. To everyone’s awe, the result is full, shaped, natural-looking, dense brows, such as those in this before and after image, that the team shows upon consultation or as given on Reign Studio’s website.

Microblading is a one-shot solution to your over plucked eyebrows and your magnificent brow envy. But being a relatively new beauty concept, it is hard for a few to accept it for being safe and especially after the fashion and treatment disasters we encounter every now and then and especially those being treated with subquality procedure products or untrained professionals making microblading go wrong.

Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of massively discounted treatment sessions at infamous brow studios and take chance with your skin’s delicate for the life-threatening skin infections. Microblading is totally safe when performed by someone licensed and trained, using quality products and certified equipment – who else can you rely more on upon than Reign Studios for Microblading in terms of brand name, quality products, certified professionals, and friendly environment.

Microblading can enhance even the naturally fuller brows you already possess and isn’t only reserved for thin, sparse brows. But obviously can be a life-changing experience for those with thin brows, especially for people suffering from alopecia. The Reign Studios Treatment is safe for all skin types, and can also be done on cancer patients post consultation with their respective doctors and Reign Studios experts. Get yourself those bold, fuller brows at Reign Studios or visit your nearest center asap!

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